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Created at the end of the 1980's, ESF (European Stretch Fabrics) offers innovative textile products with a wide range of elasticized fabrics, a new collection each month, in addition to custom made projects. Since 1988, ESF fabrics have outfitted numerous Olympic athletes: in 1988 at Seoul, 1996 in Atlanta, 2004 in Athens and most recently in 2008 at Bejing. In 1999, ESF created the thinnest bi-elastic fabric in the world. ESF currently markets the Aquatech and Mad About Skin brands of products.

The Mad About Skin line of elasticized fabrics have been developed exclusively for lingerie and swim wear.
The Aquatech line of fabrics were created specifically for sports and high-level competition.

All ESF fabrics incorporate a Warp and Weft structure: a timeless weaving technology, combined with PAYEN innovation, which produce the finest quality, original fabrics. For more information, discover the Aquatech and Mad About Skin websites at:


Tex'innov is recognized for its depth of experience in a variety of areas, with applications used in skiing, cross country skiing, luge, cycling, swimming, running, medical research, aviation, etc.
The strength of Tex'innov stems from the groups solid industrial experience as well as leading-edge technology. In addition, numerous high-level athletes have optimized their performances with innovative Tex'innov products. Multi-national cycling and swimming teams, tri-athletes, cross country skiiers, luge athletes and climbers have all benefited from Tex'innov applications.
Tex'innov uses its expertise in collaboration with its partners to develop more innovative, better-performing products for sports-related applications where comfort, speed, muscle support and protection from the elements are of the highest priority.

Our brands

    Innovative elastic yarns used in footwear.
  • Lingerie and Swim Wear:
    Incredibly light, bi-elasticized fabrics from
    45 g/m to 130 g/m.
  • Competitive Sports:
    A winning concept worn by international champions.

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