The PAYEN group

Who are we?

The PAYEN Group is a leader in the European Textile Industry

Through the wide range of applications in which its yarns and fabrics are used, the PAYEN Group is a part of your everyday life: From your car seat to your underwear drawer. From your shoes to the contents of your sports bag. From your dressing room to your medicine cabinet. PAYEN'S elastic yarns will accompany you throughout the day.
The PAYEN Group invests in its tools and its people. PAYEN is equipped to provide an ideal working environment that fosters the creation of new, innovative products while maintaining the strictest standards of quality, promoting environmental conservation and following ethical business practices.
With 80,000 m of enclosed manufacturing facilities, PAYEN focuses on innovation, Research and Development (R&D) and Industrial Solutions which are at the core of its Corporate Culture.
PAYEN never outsources projects, which has earned them a leading position in the European synthetic textiles industry specializing in elastics and spun yarn weaving.

The PAYEN Group is also your partner in developing specialized textile solutions.
We can completely customize your project to your specifications-anywhere from the thread stage to the creation of the fabric

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