The PAYEN group

Pioneers in Elasticity

1965, Pierre Payen develops Pagastic®, an elastic yarn with revolutionary elasticity and sturdiness that make the Group's reputation.
Until then, elastic yarns were made of double covered gum (a rubber-core covered by two twisted nylon yarns).
Pagastic® is single covered, with only one nylon thread: Lycra®is the most famous brand name associated with elastane

Since then, our engineers have continued to develop new methods to promote the use of elastic yarns.
The company has patented numerous designs and processes, including one for double twisted yarns. More solid, thinner, rounder and more transparent than its competitors, the Double Twist® air jet spun yarn was introduced in 1985.

In 1993, NP yarns were specially created for the clothing industry.

Today, PAYEN continues to create innovative fabrics for lingerie, swim wear and sports wear.

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