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Certified Quality

1All of our product lines are certified “OEKO TEX” Standard 100 since their creation. This label safeguards the consumer, guaranteeing that no dangerous materials have been used in its production. It is backed by ASQUAL* and aims to warn of the possible risk of irritation, allergic reaction or cancers linked to products worn on the skin.

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Inspired by international ISO standards, our strict quality control methods are applied to every stage of the production process. We manufacture all of our products in-house, without ever outsourcing our projects. We guarantee that all (100%) of our products are rigorously inspected and verified using the strictest of standards at our three on-site laboratory research facilities.

We strive to create the best, high-performance textiles, which is the key to success for all of our partners.

* more information is available at www.asqual.com

Sustainable development & environmental impact

Sensitive to the need to protect the environment and promote sustainable development, the PAYEN Group participates in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by: integrating the supply chain process, limiting environmental impact by making each product lighter, and using better performing, energy-efficient industrial solutions that reduce water consumption (through recycling).

The PAYEN Group is committed to ethical business practices and its products are made exclusively in France.

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