What we do

Research & Development

Responding to the technological challenges of today and tomorrow

Our engineering team regularly adds new patents to our research portfolio. The PAYEN Group has registered over 30 patents for inventions that involve new manufacturing processes as well as functional, innovative products.

The PAYEN Group is also associated with several public research projects (including Sporaltec).

Not only do our research developments contribute to the technical enhancements of new applications in the following industries:
  • health & fitness
  • medical
  • aeronautic
  • automotive
  • competitive sports/sports medicine
but they also work with the traditional industry sector:
  • footwear
  • clothing and apparel
  • lingerie and underwear
  • swimwear
  • etc...

Business development

Your project is unique: it needs a customized solution.
Your project will be carefully studied by our engineering team, who have experience working with elastic/flexible materials, and understand the technical aspects of the textile production process from start to finish: from yarn to fabric.
Our technical expertise and our processes, which are an integral part of our business, will allow us to respond to your evolving needs in record time!

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