Benefits of stretch woven

4 way stretch

Multi-dimensional elastic movement. The movements of muscles and joints are naturally accompanied by multi-directional deformation of the material.

During movement, skin is subject to substantial vertical and horizontal extension simultaneously. Textiles used for sport are therefore subject to the same constraints. Only Payen fabrics allow freedom of movement in all directions without requiring additional effort. They give an extraordinary sense of freedom by providing unprecedented muscular support.

Ultra light

The featherweight nature of Payen fabrics is surprising, with a complete offer ranging from 14 to 230 g/m² to meet the requirements of customers seeking lightness. Textiles traditionally used in sport have a weight of around 200 g in a dry state, compared to 130 g for our fabrics of comparable opacity. Payen fabrics therefore provide a weight reduction of 35%, with this difference increasing in conditions where the material is wet.

Abrasion resistance

Payen fabrics maintain their original appearance and are resistant to the most severe conditions – certifiably durable quality.

Classic Martindale resistance tests are not able to damage Payen fabrics (FS ISO 12947-2, no damage after 500,000 cycles).


Soft support creating a second skin feeling that is extraordinary and especially effective! The axial elongation of Payen products has exceptional characteristics, allowing for substantial simultaneous elongations with no transmission of tensile forces from one axis to the other. The result is that the bi-axial elongation is much greater than for a comparable knit: an elongation gain of more than 20% achieved by Payen woven. An additional quality: the Payen fabric allows for elongation without resistance, including during substantial deformations.

Quick drying

Practically dry upon leaving the water, Payen fabrics have a remarkable drying rate, a feature essential for sport and underwear/swimwear. The feeling of being dry is almost immediate.

This unparalleled structure has an ultra-quick drying capacity.


Payen fabrics have maximum breathability due to their thinness and lightness, and allow water and air to slide over the fabric without penetrating its fibres: hydrodynamics and aerodynamics are ensured and demonstrated.

UPF Protection

Because of the density of Payen fabrics, protection from ultra-violet rays is exceptional; UPF 50+ is guaranteed for all of our products weighing 100g/m² and above.