Our commitment

Our values

For over 150 years, Payen’s production sites have been based in Ardèche, a rural region in the south of France. There is an entire local economic system that centres on the company, and today we are proud of providing a living for several hundred families within these valleys.

We didn't wait for a law to have for key principle the equality between Men and Women. With the professional equality Index, this principle become visble: Payen index is 87 in 2023.

This is the particular context in which the company has developed, always paying the utmost attention to its environment. Thanks to the French energy mix, one of the most responsible in terms of its CO2 footprint, constant efforts to reduce electricity consumption and complete vertical integration that limits movement of our goods to 70 km, we are trying to decarbonise our production to the maximum extent possible, in order to minimise our impact on global warming. That's why we initated the HIGG Index action.

We also attach great importance to the conservation of our rivers. Our consumption is limited to two uses: humidifying our workshops (the water taken is then returned to the natural environment in the form of vapour) and finishing our fabrics. In the latter case, we have invested in a waste-water re-processing facility, so that 100% of the water returned to rivers is treated.

We believe firmly that the best waste is waste that is not produced. This is why the quality and durability of our products are of fundamental importance for us. Thanks to our know-how, we are able to combine performance, technical elements, comfort and durability.