Yarn products

The Payen Group know-how with regard to elastic yarn is exceptional. Every assembly technique is studied, in order to create combinations of yarns ranging from 8 dtex to 650 dtex that best meet customer requirements.

Payen has developed unique processes that enable larger reels to be produced than is possible elsewhere, thus improving the productivity of weaving or knitting while at the same time optimising transportation and consumables (packaging and cardboard tubes).


Heat setting of a yarn, which provides the yarn with bulking and elasticity. Texturing is the step that links chemistry (extrusion of polymers) and textiles. The entire story of our yarns starts with this operation, which enables us to control the properties of polymers both in terms of resistance and in terms of tinctorial affinity (the capacity of a yarn to absorb dye homogeneously).

Air jet covered yarn

Assembly of a core yarn (elastane) with a covering yarn (PA or PES) by interlacing with air. This covering process allows for the rapid production of elastic yarns, although it is restricted to minimally critical uses because of the lack of twisting on the yarn.

Single covering

The action of covering a core yarn (elastane) with a covering yarn to increase its resistance and give it textile properties. This covering process is the oldest and most common. It enables production of very thin, highly twisted yarns that are thus rendered stretchable and extremely durable.

Double covering

Covering of a core yarn (elastane) with two covering yarn layers. This covering process enables the production of a torque-free yarn (the propensity of a twisted yarn to unwind), thereby increasing its mechanical resistance.


The action of twisting one or more yarns to increase their mechanical properties. This is the oldest operation within the textile industry, as the act of twisting a yarn of any kind has always given it greater resistance. Too often overlooked because of its higher cost, it is a key step that ensures the durability of finished products. In practice, this operation considerably reduces the effects of abrasion and pilling on your favourite clothes.

Exclusive Payen processes

During the course of its recent history, Payen has developed new assembly processes in order to provide new solutions to problems that exist within the stages of textile manufacturing. Among these we count Double Twist yarns (known for their incredible resistance), or Pagastic4+ (innovative yarns for stockings and tights).